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Unfetter is a neurofeedback training system that uses real time EEG. Unfetter helps individuals train high concentration for peak performance, emotional regulation, and a greater sense of well-being. The training is based off of cutting-edge neuroscience research

I hadn’t felt that in a long time and the act of that.. and just thinking that pulled me out of that state. You took me through the relaxation piece and that was critical. That put me in a spot where I could check in. I got to this place, where I try to observe. I notice the spots where there is the tension. Either in my chest and throat. For me before, in golf it would hold me back. I could feel it as it relates to golf. It was almost like the more I observed it, the more I was cleaning it with my awareness. I got to the spot where it was really clean. The translation to golf for me was, you could hit a shot with total freedom. And then for me right now, it was just living life with total freedom. Sitting in a room in a business setting and having absolute freedom. No judgment of self.. No judgment of the situation.. and being able to act totally rationally. It’s this clean feeling. If that’s what beginners’ mind is. I put my awareness on it, then my attention would waver. The sound just became something that was just there.. and it became what was a deep meditation for me.
I feel like after this, I’ll have a way easier time focusing on stuff. Because I know how to get my mind into that state now. I would test that state, leaving.. coming back to that state. Just to see how trustworthy the graph was. With this very tight feedback loop, I can justify sitting for an hour and practicing it. When I’m busy and going about my day it’s hard for me to sit down. It was meditation with a tight feedback loop. I focused on specific body parts, and noticed when I was too tense.

High Concentration

Achieve levels of high concentration.

Emotional Regulation

Self regulate emotional systems.


Achieve levels of mental calm and composure.

Real-Time Feedback

Monitor your brain activity in real-time using non-invasive EEG Neurofeedback.


Participate in a community of experienced cognitive neuroscientists, mindfulness practitioners, medical professionals, and psychologists.

Cutting Edge Neuroscience

Based off of the newest and most effective forms of neurofeedback research.


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