About Unfetter

Unfetter's Virtual Reality technology enhances current gold standard mirror visual feedback (MVF) therapies with proven effectiveness in treating strokes, phantom limb pain from amputations, complex regional pain syndrome, and functional neurological disorders.

MVF is an approach of visual feedback that allows the brain to remap sensory and motor pathways in order to reduce pain and weakness due to neurological causes. With virtual reality, MVF can be used for full-body therapy to help people with double amputations or side-body paralysis after stroke. The virtual reality environment allows for tweaking of feedback to achieve quicker and more efficient results.

Unfetter tracks session data for playback and clinician review, facilitating better clinical care and research opportunities. Our product works with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Evidence Based

Improved Outcomes backed by research out of the Stanford School of Medicine


Faster recovery of function, cost-effective, and lasting rehabilitation and pain relief

Detailed Reporting

Our analytics platform allows Clinicians, Therapists, and Patients to track progress to better personalize your needs

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